Sunday, November 20, 2011

Give Thanks: Thanksgiving Toppers

Lauralee from Yellow Mums

Hi there!
I'm Lauralee.
I blog over at  YellowMums and I'm excited to be part of this awesome Give Thanks event!

Today I'm sharing some fun Thanksgiving Toppers. Click here to download the free printable. Great as cupcake toppers. . . but also great for lots of other things. Here are a few ideas to get you started.

1. Dress up a canning jar with a LABEL for jams/jellies or a mini pie perhaps?

2. Make a CENTERPIECE. I did this one by taping the toppers to skewers and poking them into the top of a pumpkin. Then I stuck a bunch of  . . . rye grass maybe? (I found it in the weeds over by the dumpster on the corner ;) Poke holes with a skewer and stick them in and finish with a jute bow at the base.

3. Create a NAPKIN RING with a piece of string and a topper hole punched. Add some sort of plant filler to round it out--maybe use something fake (not like me ;)

4. Use as a TAG for favor bags, gifts, or presents.

enjoy!! And have a wonderful Thanksgiving!!

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