Saturday, January 14, 2012

Cable Television

With more and more channels offered in various cable packages every year, there are more and more programs to suit people of all ages, genders and backgrounds. For example, there is increased children’s programming all the time, more channels and ways of watching sports for athletically-inclined men, more reality shows for teenage crowds, etc. In accordance with this same trend, women seem to always have more programs to watch that are specifically designed for female enjoyment. There are now multiple channels and dozens of shows that are designed solely for female crowds, and most of them can be nice escapes from normal television for a lot of women.

Lifetime is the first network that comes to most people’s minds when considering women’s television, and it is probably still the most popular female network around. This channel came into existence in the 90’s as a place where women could rely on finding shows that don’t have to find a balance between appealing to men and women, or young and old crowds – it’s all just for women. Some of the network’s most popular shows over the years have been Will & Grace, Grey’s Anatomy, and other, more reality-geared shows such as Project Runway, and, now, Army Wives and Drop Dead Diva.

Another popular network that appeals to women but may not be as specifically designed for them is HGTV (which stands for Home & Garden TV). The network highlights and demonstrates a wide range of topics that fall under the broad heading of “home and garden,” and covers maintenance, decorating, shopping, etc. Some examples of the network’s most popular shows are Bang For Your Buck, Color Splash, and Design Star, among others. The network can be entertaining for many women, but can also be quite instructional for those who are looking for help with certain aspects of home and yard upkeep.

Regardless of your personal preferences and television taste, if you are a woman and you have been wanting some programming a bit different from what you normally see, and perhaps a bit more geared toward your sex, these networks are definitely worth checking out. You may find that you either find a show or two that deal with topics you are very interested in, or even that some of these shows help you to find new hobbies and interests. It is always nice to enjoy something specifically meant for you, and these networks may give you just that feeling.

What are your favorite shows?

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  1. I don't watch lots of television, however these are two great networks. I just wish PBS (Downton Abbey ) would provide more quality and interesting programming.


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  2. Ugh, I can't stand Lifetime. Way over the top programming and freakishly long movie titles that always end in "the so and so story." gag!

    I love comedies. 30 Rock and New Girl are at the top of my list.


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