Friday, January 13, 2012

A Peek Into My Family Part 7

Random tidbits about my family starting from oldest to youngest. 
I am the youngest of 11 kids in my family. 
Picture taken before I was born
Brad- Can sleep anywhere and I mean anywhere.

Brian- Use to own a small company that sold sets of Utah themed cookie cutters. I wish they still had the company, they were really cute!

Julie- Whenever I need help with anything I go to Julie. She has given me advice and/or help on parenting, cooking, cleaning, homework, vacation planning, life in general and SO much more.

Jim- I had a Totally Hair Ken doll when I was little. I swear it looked like Jim.

Susie- Introduced me to enchilada dip. It is SO good!

Todd- Had a Holly Hobbie themed room as a kid.

Laurie- Introduced me to Blondie. I drove my siblings crazy by playing The Tide is High on repeat.

Brent- Brent bought me a sprinkled doughnut today just because. It was a great surprise. Thank you!

John- Johnny broke his arm during a softball game a few years ago. I took him to the hospital. It was my first time visiting an emergency room.

Mary- One time Mary talked me into letting her cut my hair. I only wanted a tiny trim but she wanted to cut more. I should have known better when she kept telling me "I just can't get it even, I better cut more".

Me- I am the baby of the family. The best place to be!

Read more about my family here.

By the way, don't you love the outfits in the picture?


  1. The Tide is High will forever remind me of you. And vanilla shakes

  2. um, just so you know... I did not pick out the Holly Hobbie - I was just the recipient of a room that was previously occupied by two older sisters.


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