Monday, March 26, 2012

Spring Fling: Fun & Easy Easter Baskets

I love making Easter baskets. Spring is a great time of year to be crafty! These baskets would also be great as an activity at an Easter party or event - Let the kids decorate their own basket before the big Easter egg hunt!
What you need:
ice cream cups
crepe paper
First, cut your crepe paper to the desired height. I cut mine 2 inches tall. Use your sewing machine to gather the crepe paper by stitching a straight stitch through the crepe paper. It should naturally gather from the tension of the sewing.
After this, you just glue the crepe paper onto the ice cream cup, and glue on ribbon for detail! A cute, easy and cheap basket - perfect for spring! The basket would also be wonderful as a little favor at any spring party!


  1. What a cute little basket! I want to make some for our easter brunch.

  2. These are darling.


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