Friday, March 23, 2012

Spring Fling: Paper Flower Wreath

Brittany from Pretty Handy Girl

I'm so honored to be a part of  Dee-Dee's Spring Fling this year! I have a great tutorial for creating a spring wreath.
But, before we get started, I think some introductions are in order. Hi, everyone, my name is Brittany (aka Pretty Handy Girl).
I write a blog, called what else, Pretty Handy Girl! My blog is filled with DIY tutorials for building things (like my son's closet turned into a reading nook,)
or crafting things like the floral wreath I made for Spring!
This past year, I challenged myself to use one wreath through every season for one year. Well, I made it through the year and transformed the wreath four times!
  • Two coordinating scrapbook paper sheets
  • Buttons for flower centers
  • Scissors
  • Wire cutters
  • Floral Wire
  • Base wreath of your choice
Begin by cutting out flower shapes.
Lay your flower on top of the coordinating paper and cut a flower shape larger than the first.
Lay both flowers on top of one another and cut slits in toward the center of your flowers. Be sure not to cut too close to the center.
Trim the edges of your petals if you need to round them more.

Fold the edges of your flowers up to give them dimension.
Cut a length of floral wires, long enough to wrap around your wreath.
Thread the wire through your button. If you have a four hole button, you may want to thread it like this:
Then poke the wires through the centers of the flowers (it is easiest if you have one on top of the other so you are going through two flowers at once.)

Set the flower on your wreath.
Wrap the wires around the back and twist to secure.
Repeat until you have as many flowers as you like. Then add a coordinating ribbon bow.

These little sunny floral faces really brighten my day.
I am definitely ready for spring, how about you?
Lucky for me, there are random pops of color blooming down here in North Carolina! Here is a peek at a budding magnolia tree.


  1. I am going to try making one with my girls this weekend.


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