Saturday, March 24, 2012

Spring Fling: Pastel Fashion

Kayla from Freckles in April

I was slightly dismayed to discover that pastels would be a big trend for spring. I'm not really a pastel-y person. It doesn't suit my coloring and there's something that feels very 90s-Easter-with-crimped-hair to me (probably because that's how I wore them last).

Despite my distaste for pastel hues, I've actually seen some pieces I would consider spending money on. Here are a few:
1. Marbled Marvel dress (Mod Cloth) -Some people like to claim that maxi dresses died in the middle of last year but I refuse to let them go. If it's comfy and hides the fact that I didn't shave my legs I will love it. This dress is flowy and springy but doesn't remind me of an Easter egg.

2. Pastel geo tank (Top Shop) - Crazy? Awesome? Crazy awesome. I love the print.

3. Perch Things First dress (Mod Cloth) -You can never go wrong with a pretty bird print and I really love the peachy color. With the right skin tone this would be drop-dead gorgeous.

4. Colored canvas shorts (Old Navy) - I'm not a pink person but I DO love colored pants and shorts. These would look super cute with a lot of things (including that Top Shop tank!).

5. Pastel color block tee (BTY) -I can always get behind color blocking and I love the shape of this tee. Very forgiving to post-baby tummies. It's pretty sheer, which means layering in the spring (if you're not into visible support garments) and maybe a really cool swimsuit cover-up come summer.

6. Ballerina flats (Chloe) - You'll die when you see the price tag but I am so in love with these (these aren't as beautiful but they are a tenth of the price)


  1. love these Kayla.

    Especially that shirt -- I'm scared to look at the price of those flats -- so I won't.

  2. These are some really fun ideas of embracing the pastels.

  3. These are some nice versions of pastels. I tend to think little child when I think pastels, but your picks are all so grown up!


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