Monday, April 23, 2012

Room Service Printables for Mother's Day

Guest post by Kirsten from Embellish

Being a mom is seriously the hardest job I've ever had, so when Mother's day comes around I use that day to rejuvenate.  Usually, my husband dotes on me with breakfast in bed, back rubs, and keeping the kids occupied while I get some much needed relaxation.  However, some of our hubbies need a little nudging with creativity.  Not mine of course! :)  This is a guy who decoupaged a box with my kids' faces last year for mother's day without any prompting from me.  He was proud, yet embarrassed to give it to me, because he felt it wasn't up to my quality of crafting.  I absolutely LOVED it, nonetheless.  Just love him!  Anyway, for those hubbies that do need some fresh ideas, hand over these printables and let him have some fun with the kids.
Included in this printable set:
  • Room Service for Mom Door Knob Hanger (to be filled out by mom and left on the door)
  • "I love my mom because..." Questionnaire (to be filled out/colored in by the kids)
  • 5x7 inch mother's day note card
The night before mother's day fill out the door knob hanger and leave it out for all to see.
Then, have the kidlets fill in the blanks on this fun mother's day questionnaire about mommy.  It's a riot to see how kids answer the most simple questions.  Hope your mother's day is relaxing and full of giggles and laughter from the kids' participation.


  1. I love this idea, not sure my husband will though :)

  2. So cute! I can't believe it's almost Mother's Day and I'll be the mama of two soon!


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