Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Terrific Tuesdays: Styrofoam Printing Blocks

Hi, I'm Kate from Picklebums.

I have four kids (8 year old twin girls and 4 year old and 21 month old boys) and we are renovating an old house on a small, rural property on the other side of the world from most of you. Just as your days are getting warmer and you are rejoicing about being able to go outside and play, our days are getting colder, and wetter, and we are stuck inside a little more often as Autumn well and truly takes hold here in Australia.

Being stuck inside due to rainy weather means there is more time to get arty! And living in a DIY renovation means that there is always lots of interesting materials lying around to create with! One wet afternoon I had a crazy idea to cut up some Styrofoam blocks that came packed around our shower screens and make printing blocks!

It started out a little messy... I cut up the foam into different shapes with a sharp kitchen knife and made 'snow' in the kitchen!

The big girls had the idea to make different marks on the blocks to see if they would print the patterns they made. So they used pencils and other objects to poke holes and make indentations in some of the foam pieces.

We mixed up some paint with a little dish soap (to make cleaning up nice and easy) on some plates and got out a BIG piece of paper to share.

Then the fun began!

The foam made interesting prints on it's own, but the foam with indented patterns was lots of fun too!

This activity was easy enough for even our toddler to have a go at, and everyone else enjoyed it too. So if you happen to have some foam lying around, give it a go... it would be lots of fun done outside in the spring sunshine too!

Kate is an early childhood educator and mum of four, living on a small property in rural Victoria, Australia. Kate’s blog, Picklebums, covers topics such as; gentle parenting, gardening, activities for kids, a recipe here and the occasional free printable, as well as anything else that pops up in her crazy life! You can also find Kate on facebook, twitter and pinterest!

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