Wednesday, April 4, 2012

TruShape Body Contouring

Have you heard about TruShape? It's a new body contouring spa in Salt Lake.
Located inside Image Studios 1830 South 300 West Salt Lake City.
 "TruShape treatments shape and contour the body by eliminating fat, tightening, and smoothing skin. Treatments can eliminate fat pockets like love handles and can also smooth and eliminate cellulite from the legs and buttocks. The process is safe, efficient and affordable. Known also as nonsurgical liposuction, treatments are painless and effective with no downtime."
I have been asked to be on the TruShape bloggers panel. That means I get to try out their body contouring treatments and tell you what I think. Over the next few weeks I will receive 5 more treatments and I will share all the details with you. I had my first treatment a few weeks ago where I lost about 2 inches on my stomach. Pretty cool right?

I will be back next week to tell you more about my treatments and how TruShape works. 

If you are interested in TruShape you can follow them on Facebook, where they offer discounts and giveaways.

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