Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Terrific Tuesdays- Ribbon Baskets


I am so excited to be here today to guest post for Dianna!! Love her blog and this Terrific Tuesdays is such a great series!!

My name is Michelle and I blog over at Delicate Construction!! I am a wife to a fantastic hubby and we have been married for three years but together for almost nine! We have a beautiful two year old daughter Avery and I are also full time caregivers to a young gentleman with Autism who lives with us named Scotty! Needless to say I am pretty busy but I love adding handmade touches to anything I can and sharing them with my readers!

Each Monday I host a Made by Little Hands linky party for fellow bloggers to share what they have been doing with their children each week and I love getting to see all of the great ideas! I also share something I have done with my daughter as well!

I am lucky to be an 18 month old teacher at my daughter's preschool, which happens to be the class that she is in! So I am never at a loss for something to share!

This last Sunday was our schools huge art show and silent auction and being the creative mama I am I was very excited to share all the things my class had been working on! Also, it never fails that I get some of my best ideas at the last minute and that is when I came up with these fun ribbon baskets I am going to share with you today!!

Here is what you need:
  • A whole lot of glue
  • Ribbon scraps
  • Plastic disposable cup (I got the ones I used at the dollar store, 12 in a pack)
  • Plastic wrap
  • Newspaper or other material to cover your work surface.
First I covered the plastic cup in plastic wrap, this will all make it easier once everything is dried to take it all apart.
Then I set up the work surface by covering it, cutting all my scraps, filling a cup with glue and providing the cup that I covered in plastic wrap upside down.
I showed the kids with the first piece to dip it in the glue completely and then put it on the cup, after that I just let them take it away! All I did was rub down the piece as they added it to the cup to make sure it was smooth and covered with glue, my students are toddlers so this is necessary because they are just dipping and putting on the cup. It is mostly a sensory experience for them. I was also turning the cup for them as we went so they got all of the sides.
Then once the cup is covered, you run out of scraps or the kid loses interest (whatever happens first), place them on an extra piece of plastic wrap to dry. I found that after an hour or two there was a lot of glue at the bottom so I would put them on a fresh piece of plastic wrap to dry overnight.

Photo after the first couple of hours.
Photo the next morning.
After they are dry or mostly dry, I open up the plastic wrap and slide the plastic cup out from inside the plastic wrap. It is helpful to try and bend and fold the cup to get it out, this is why you want that instead of a rigid cup with little flexibility.

Once the cup is out it is easy to peel the plastic wrap off the inside of your ribbon basket.
Then let them dry a bit more if needed and you are done! I was talking with the parents about these and I thought they would be so cute if you made a bunch of them and hung them on twinkle lights in the backyard. Maybe you could do the same thing on the back of a mini muffin tin and plastic wrap the whole thing so you make a bunch at a time and then pop them off. Cut a hole in the top and stick the little lights from the Christmas lights in the middle and hang. That would look amazing, especially with an transparent or sparkly ribbon!

Really I could go on, cupcake liners (after they are baked of course), hung on a mobile, holding hair ties in the bathroom... you get the point!

Thanks so much Dianna for having me here today!! I hope you all come visit me soon at Delicate Construction and if you become a new follower, leave a comment and let me know so that I can follow you back!!

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