Friday, June 8, 2012

Project Organize My Life: Nail Polish

I recently just organized all my nail polish and nail care stuff. It might seem like a small thing but it feels good to get it organized. Baby steps, right?
Here are some tips to help you organize. 
- Start by cleaning out and getting rid of old supplies 
- Organize like items together
- Keep polish together by colors or brands
- use small containers to separate items like cotton balls, nail clippers, etc.
  It also helps to have a great place to store all your supplies.
I ended up buying Snapware from Target.
I love that it has 3 compartments (and I can add more if I need to) plus a handle.
Looking at these pictures you might be able to guess that Essie is one of my favorite brands of nail polish. 
What is your favorite nail polish?

How do you organize your nail polish?


  1. I so need to do some organizing. This looks like a great place to start!

  2. OMGOSH I have this exact same container. I just keep little papers in it and dont even use the bottom but am now going to convert it to hold all my nailpolish instead because mine is not organized at all. WOOT! Thank you for the idea!

  3. Orsganizing with the SnapWare also. An awesome idea! Sure beats one shoebox!

  4. I will have to check out SnapWare, I've never heard of it. I have yet to try Essie nail polish either.


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