Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Terrific Tuesdays- Card Games for Kids

Thanks for having me DeeDee!  I love the Terrific Tuesday series because I know that I need reminders from time to time to do fun things with my children.

I tutor and author a blog called The Tutor House.  I write about engaging ways to tutor children and running a tutoring business.  When ever I get a new student who needs tutoring in math, they've often don't have the basics down.  Flash cards can be great, but sometimes they can be overkill drill practice.
I play with my students (and my own children) card games that work on the basics.  They're learning some valuable skills playing these games.

1.  Basic Math Operations
2.  Problem Solving Skills
3.  Social Skills (waiting turns, good sportsmanship)

I've compiled some directions for a few of my favorites plus a set of playing card math mats for you.

Download the card games here.  Download the playing card mats here.  I hope that you'll have fun playing right along with your children.  When you have a good attitude about playing games and learning, it rubs off on your children too.  Happy Game Time!

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  1. I can't wait to try these games out with my kiddos.

  2. Thanks for having me Dee Dee! Have fun with your kids Tara. I just did these same games at a day camp and the kids were hooked.


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