Thursday, August 2, 2012

20 Minute Preschool

A few weeks ago I talked about wanting to work with Brody and helping him learn more. I decided I am going to spend 20 minutes each day teaching Brody. 20 minutes a day might not seem like much but it's a start. I decided to help me stick to a 20 Minute Preschool I need to plan ahead and make a schedule.
I downloaded the free monthly calendars from Tomkat Studios. I made it really simple and just wrote down what we would work on that day. 

I will be sharing some of the activities from Brody's 20 Minute Preschool here in the future. 

What do you do to help teach your children? 
Any tips for me?


  1. I need to do this with my daughter. I like the idea of 20 minutes. Sounds do-able!

  2. Hi! Bravo to you for taking the initiative to do this with your son!

    I was here awhile ago when you first wrote about teaching Brody (my son's name is Brady, BTW). I am a reading specialist and when teaching letters to kids it is important that they master one letter before moving onto another. Pick a letter (start with B for his name) and do your 20 minutes all around that one letter (name, sound, objects that start with that, make an alphabet book and have him cut out pictures that start with that letter and glue them on the B page, etc). That way he will master it before getting a new letter.

    The next time you do letters review B and add a new letter. Every time you review the letters that were taught and then add a new letter. (Review should only take a minute...flashcards are great. Review the letter name and sound together.

    That is a lot, sorry. I hope that helps. If you need anything else, please don't hesitate to ask.



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