Saturday, September 22, 2012

Pregnant with Twins Week 16

Just a few thoughts about being pregnant with twins.

- I am so exhausted all the time
- Taking daily naps is a must
- My pregnant belly is really showing now
- I have to go pee all the time
- Brody is really excited for the babies
- My 1st ultrasound is scheduled
- I am hungry all the time
- I am busy planning and organizing so I will be ready for the babies birth 


  1. I can't get over the fact you are having twins - I am so jealous!!! Except for, I am already miserable with just one - I don't know how I would handle 2!! You need to be taking pictures and posting them - I want to see that belly!!


  2. I came across your blog and wanted to congratulate you on your baby buns. I have 5 month old twins and I'm loving every minute of the chaos.


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