Thursday, November 1, 2012

Give Thanks: Thankful Turkey Box

Hi There! I am so excited to be here at Whatever Dee-Dee Wants today and feel honored to be a part of her Give Thanks Series!!

My name is Rachel. I am a Wife and Mommy to three adorable kids and I blog over at I Heart Crafty Things. We are a family who loves children's books and all things crafty, so at my blog you will find hundreds of children's crafts coupled with corresponding books, and read about my ups and downs of Motherhood.

I am really excited to share with you the fun "Give Thanks" inspired idea we came up with to celebrate our blessings this year. We call it our Thankful Turkey Box.

It is made out of a small tissue box so every day during the month of November we can write down something we are thankful for and feed it to our turkey. On Thanksgiving day while we are all together as a family, we will get all the papers out and read them together as a family.

Making it is so simple. Start by painting an empty, small tissue box with brown acrylic paint.

For the feathers we painted card stock paper red, orange and yellow. Then we used the same paint to splatter the different paint colors on each sheet of paper. You can imagine how much fun this is for kids. Just make sure you do this step outside or cover your table with newspaper because it gets messy.

Here is up close of what our paper looked like after painting it. You could use just colored card stock for the feathers if you want, we just wanted to incorporate a fun painting activity into our craft.

After the paint is completely dry, cut out a bowling ball type of shape out of brown card stock for the turkey head and body and glue it to the tissue box.

I traced a feather shape on the back of the painted card stock papers and we cut out all of the feathers.

I glued them around the back of the tissue paper box and then used packaging tape to secure them at the back.

To finish the turkey, glue on some wiggly eyes, a nose made out of diamond shape bent in half, and a red wattle.

Place a stack of thankful cards next to your turkey, and every day or every couple of days you and your family members can write what you are thankful for and place it in the box.

Happy Thanksgiving!! I hope you will stop by I Heart Crafty Things to say hello and check out all of our fun kids crafts and projects!


  1. I am going to make one of these with my kiddos.

  2. I love it. I'm going to make it with my granddaughter, but not attach the feathers. On Thanksgiving Day when each guest arrives, I'm going to have them write on one feather what they are thankful for. Then, my granddaughter and I will attach the feathers to the back of the box. That will be our centerpiece for Thanksgiving dinner.

  3. This is adorable and I love the idea of sharing them together on Thanksgiving Day! We will be making one. Thanks for the post!


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