Friday, November 30, 2012

Pregnant with Twins: 26 Weeks

- I have been working like crazy on getting the babies room ready
- I feel like I am nine months pregnant
- My body is really starting to slow down and I can't do as much as I use to
- According to my last ultrasound everything is going great
- The babies are still growing at the same rate
- Sleeping has become near to impossible
- I have pregnancy carpal Tunnel syndrome
- I will most likely schedule my c-section at my next doctor appointment


  1. ahhhh! scheduling your c section!!!! I can't believe you are that close!

  2. Hello, I first found your site because of your yummy German pancakes. BUT I just saw your post about twins. Congratulations! I had twins in April of this year, #4 (boy) and #5 (girl) for us. I begged the hubbie for #4 and he made me promise not to ask for #5. And then I didn't have to! What a shock. You are definitely at the I feel full term stage and it only gets better from here.
    Good Luck and rest lots now!


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