Saturday, December 15, 2012

Pregnant With Twins: 28 Weeks

I am getting closer to the end of this pregnancy! I can say that because yesterday my doctor had me schedule my c-section. I can't believe how close I am getting.
I feel both nervous and excited. I am excited to meet my two baby girls, for Brody to be a big brother (which he has been so thrilled about) and to watch our family grow. I am nervous because as much as I try and prepare myself, I really have no idea how what to really expect.

My ultrasound showed the babies are doing really well and I am showing no signs of premature labor, which means no official bed red as of right now. Of course my doctor wants me to start to take it really easy and even ordered Travis to do the laundry and vacuuming.
One of the babies weighs 2.3 pounds while the other weighs 2.6 pounds and both are VERY active.
I am starting to have doctor appointments every two weeks now and starting in January I will be taking non-stress tests every week. 

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  1. So exciting! The countdown begins. I can't wait to see the girls too.


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