Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Pregnant With Twins: 33 Weeks

I am now in count down mode. Only 29 days until my scheduled c section. Only 29 more days of being SO pregnant. Only 29 days until I meet my baby girls. Unless I go into labor first.

I have had two non stress tests and both showed the babies doing well. I also had another ultrasound yesterday and both babies are now head down, no wonder I feel so much pressure down there.
One baby weighs 4.3 pounds and the other 4.7 pounds.

Travis and I have started talking more seriously about baby names but don't want to decide for sure until we see the girls.

I have really started to slow down and don't leave the house too much. When I do leave the house I am so worn out afterwards. Luckily Brody has been really good for me. He likes to tell me to go sit on my bed and then he will bring toys on my bed for me to play with him. He loves playing in my room. One of Brody's favorite games is pretending my bed is a train, he brings his stuffed animals in to ride the train and makes us give him tickets before he drives us to some made up place. I am glad that I can still play and interact with Brody while giving my body the rest it needs.

What baby products or gadgets can you not live without?


  1. Good luck Dianna!

    How exciting! Twins!!

  2. Congrats on making it this far! Sasha made it till 31 wks I think. I'm so excited to see your baby girls.. but am happy to wait!!! Your almost there!

  3. So fun!!! I think the "have to have" for us were boppy's for each and we lot's of PJ's so I can dress them faster. Also we love our mobile's and something for white noise so the babies don't wake each other. And someone introduced me to swaddler blankets... awesome!!! And then something that is a sure fire calmer for when you don't have enough hands... each baby may be different. Bouncer, swing, mobile, sling, something that you will discover with your bundles. SO EXCITED for you!!! Oh, and my husband says that he loves the dishwasher baskets for the bottles.

  4. My name is Michelle and I have two sets of twins! Girls who are now 10 and boys who are now 3 - I am so excited for you! What a great joy and blessing to bring two little joys and once into the world! Please let me know if there is anything I can tell you about twins that would be helpful! I am over at a :) Happy Twins!


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