Friday, January 11, 2013

Pregnant With Twins: Week 32

It is official, I am way bigger now than I was when I delivered Brody. Every week I think to myself, can I really get any bigger? But the answer is always yes!

Yesterday I had another doctor appointment and everything looks great! Next week is my first non-stress test and then I will have them weekly until the babies are born. I see the doctor again in two weeks and from that point on I will see him weekly until the babies are born.

I have started counting down the days until my scheduled c-section. Only 41 more days! Of course my doctor gave the impression that I could go into labor any time now.

The cribs were delivered this week and are all set up and I am in the process of getting everything all organized in the babies room. I am so glad I finished painting months ago.

Brody is getting really excited for the girls to come. I love that he calls them "the girls" or "the girlies". He likes to rub my belly and tell me the girls like that. He also will say hi to my belly so the girls can hear him. He tells me when they are born he will be best friends with his sisters.

Question for you: If you had a c-section did you watch? What did you think?
I am considering watching the c-section to see my babies born.


  1. Oh no I did not watch my c-section!
    My bf did see some and said it was pretty bad watching them tug my stomach skin away to spread the incision.
    I donate plasma twice a week and i can't even watch them place the needle.
    That kinda stuff gives me the heeby jeebies.

  2. So exciting! They never gave me the option to watch on either of my c-sections. I think every doctor and every hospital is different. They let me film my first one, but then only allowed still camera's for my second one...
    Good luck!

  3. I felt so nauseous when I had my c-section with my twins I was just breathing and trying not to get sick. If I was feeling better, I might have watched, but I really wanted to see the placenta, but we were a little busy by that time. Best of luck!

  4. I did not have c-sections but I did watch my kids being born . So excited for you!!!!!

  5. Do it! I was only brave enough to watch on my third (and last) c-section. I'm so glad now that I did.

  6. I've got a friend who just had twin boys and another who just found out she's pregnant with twins and both of them already have three kids. Whew! Praying for a safe and happy pregnancy for you.

  7. Yes, you should. I have twin boys who are now three. They were born by c-section and I watched it all happen. The doctors try to let you see only what you have to see. I recommend you to do it. Good luck, having twins is such a privilege.

  8. I had a nurse take still pictures of the triplets and my husband filmed it so I could watch it later. But it was my first c-section and they were preemie so I was nervous about a lot. I was happy to just lay there and listen for those miraculous cries and watch it later on film (like as soon as I got back into the labor room)

  9. When I had my twins, my 3rd and final pregnancy I had a c-section. I did not watch it. I had a hard time and was feeling like I was going to throw up the whole time. So I did not watch. My husband took pictures of the whole thing so I got to see those later. Good luck!

  10. I am also pregnant with twins! 33 weeks today! I am wiped out, still working full time. All respect to you for having another little one at home! That's impressive...these are my first two and I can not imagine dealing with this pregnancy and taking care of a little one. These are my first two!! I would love to watch my c-section. I have already been watching videos on you tube just so I'll know what's going on as its happening. Best of luck to you!!!

  11. How sweet. Brody is going to have a blast! He's going to be a great big brother.


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