Thursday, February 7, 2013

Pregnant With Twins: 35 Weeks

Only TWO more weeks until my c-section!
Besides me feeling extremely uncomfortable my doctor says the babies and I are doing great. I could really go into labor at any time, but my doctor thinks I will most likely make it to my scheduled c-section.

I have pretty much everything all ready except a few things for my hospital bag but they are things I use daily and won't pack until I have to. I figure it's best to be as ready as possible considering I won't really know what to expect with twin babies until they are here.

I only have 1 more doctor appointment and 1 non stress test left!

Moms of twins and multiples, what advice do you have for me?


  1. My twins are seven now and I don't remember much of their first year of life as the lack of sleep left me in a fog. My only advice that I give moms of twins is not to listen to all the other moms of twins who will tell you, "If you think this is hard (referring to the newborn stage), just wait 'til they get older. It only gets harder." I absolutely disagree with that statement. The first few moths of sleepless nights is the hardest. After that, I think it gets much easier. I also have two single children and they have been much harder on me than my twins. Twins learn how to share from the day they are born, they always have each other to keep themselves company and so they don't constantly need you to entertain them, and they are double the love. I was scared to death to have my twins, but they have been nothing but joy.

  2. The first few weeks were not too hard because they sleep all the time just like any other newborn. Recover. Get yourself recovered with rest! Then you will be able to handle everything else. With the triplets the best advice I got was to have my husband fix all the bottles for 24 hours the night before. I didn't wash a single bottle, just rinsed and piled in the sink, and he washed and mixed, and put in a basket in the fridge. All I had to do was warm them (I used a small crockpot on Low). Huge stress reliever, especially once I stopped nursing. The only other thing that saved me was to get them on a schedule, despite all the people who want to hold and help, stick to a schedule early when it's easier to teach (but I saw you were reading up so I'm sure you are way ahead on having a plan). And lastly, enjoy. The time goes even faster with more than 1 baby. You are more tired and you are more busy, so you spend your days running from one "have to" to another. So steal those moments and let others help with your toddler and housework.

  3. i can't believe the girlies are almost here! i can't wait to meet them! I have a bottle warmer, wiper warmer, puj baby tub, bumbo (and probably lots of other things) you can borrow if you want.

  4. You are having twins? Wow congratulations and enjoy your little babies.


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