Monday, February 18, 2013

Pregnant With Twins: 37 Weeks

I am finally nearing the end of this pregnancy! Only a few more days until I get to meet these two little girls that have been growing inside of me. It's weird to think that in just a few short days my family is going to grow from three to five. It's even weirder to try and imagine how much our lives are going to change.

I am feeling a little nervous but mostly just excited. I don't feel so overwhelmed thanks to all the advice of mother's with multiples I have received, the books I have read, knowing we have lots of help from family, all the preparations we have made for the girls arrival and knowing what a blessing this is.

I am not going to lie, at this point in my pregnancy it is HARD! Everyday it gets a little harder too. Last week my doctor measured me and I am measuring 49 weeks. 49 weeks!
Just moving from room to room is painful let alone trying to do anything else. Oh and the pregnancy carpal tunnel, I can't wait for that to go away! My hands are painfully numb the majority of everyday.

What do you pack in your hospital bag?


  1. I barely packed anything at all.
    Good lotion, good/prettier-than-a-hospital-gown pajamas, some magazines i never got around to looking at, and my comb & toothbrush. I had a c-section too so I was there a few days but I was plenty busy with my baby & resting that it was all i really needed.
    So excited for you to meet those babies!

  2. I made it to 38 weeks 2 days with my twins before my scheduled c section. No one expected me to make it that long, simply because of how twin pregnancies "usually" go. I commiserate with you. This point is SO hard. You sit there and go "Could we just do this already!?!" The first few weeks are crazy and chaotic, but in a great way. Having already had a baby helps a whole lot. It is old hat, the memory of the how's and what's and where's just pop back up. I told my husband that I was super happy that we had twins as our last and not as our first. I'm pretty sure if I would of had twins first we wouldn't of had any more! Congrats on making it to 37 weeks. That means the odds are very high that when you are discharged, your girls will go home with you!

    As far as what to pack - my comfiest jammies. It was mid-summer so I went with t-shirts and cotton jammie pants. Crosswords. Dvd's (our hospital provided the dvd player). A couple of good supportive bras. The usual shower stuff. Slippers. Definitely the camera. Snacks. My own pillows and blanket. It helped make it more comfortable for me to sleep, I'm really particular about that kind of thing. I wasn't too worried about anything else. We live less than a mile from the hospital so I could send the hubby home when I needed something or if he was annoying me (which I did do at one point) or to unload photos from the camera. I also had him bring back the baby stuff - the car seats and their going home outfits. If you aren't close to the hospital, you'll want to make sure those are in the car when you leave. If you are planning on breast feeding, having whatever pillows and pumps and whatever you might need may help too. If you do breastfeed, with twins, you'll want a pump that is hospital grade. One of the ones (even the really strong ones) just aren't enough to keep up with the demands of twins.


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