Monday, March 4, 2013

How to Plant Live Grass for Easter

A few years ago we posted this on my other blog, I Heart Salt Lake and wanted to share it with my regular readers too.

Planting grass is a fun project to do with your kids, they will love watching how fast the grass grows! The process usually takes about two weeks so you will want to plan enough time for it to grow before Easter.

You will need:
Watertight containers, basket liners, ceramics
Potting Soil
Hard Red Winter Wheat. I picked up a pound in the bins at Whole Foods

Step 1) Fill your containers with potting soil. Leave at least 1 inch from top rim.

Step 2) Soak the soil until completely saturated and water puddles on the surface. The wheat will absorb this moisture.

Step 3) Sprinkle a solid layer of wheat on surface of soil. Be generous! It’s fine if your layer is two grains deep, but not much more than that.

*Keep you containers near a water source, the soil must remain moist until all wheat has sprouted. Check a few times a day to be sure. A spray bottle is a handy tool, and will keep the wheat layer from moving about when you water.

* Once the sprouting process is in full swing (3 days) move the containers to a bright sunny location. They don’t need direct sun, just the light if fine.

*Your soil will now only need enough water for growth, so cut back on watering and allow the heavy saturation to be absorbed and water only enough to keep the soil damp throughout the remaining process.


  1. This is pretty amazing! I miss seeing GREEN outside. I could see this lifting my spirits till Spring arrived!

  2. I LOVE this and will be trying it out!


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