Monday, April 22, 2013

Twins: Two Months

I have been trying to savor every moment with these girls the last two months. Time just goes by too fast with a baby in the house, so imagine how much faster it goes by with two babies.
I have really loved watching Sammy and Sadie grow and love to see their little smiles. I love seeing them turn their head towards me when they hear me talk because they recognize my voice.

Their tiny eyelashes have started to poke out and they have moved out of newborn diapers.
They don't sleep through the night yet but I only have to wake up once during the night to feed them. I love how focused Sadie and Samantha can be when I talk to them.

I don't want to sugar coat things, because life with multiple babies is hard and can be quite challenging, but I  really enjoy my time with these girls. I love snuggling them and try to give them one on one attention.
I don't think I will ever get used to how long it takes to get all five of us dressed and out the door. 

People ask me all the time if one is harder than the other and the answer is, not really. They seem to take turns being hard or fussy. They have their own cribs that are side by side. If one baby cries it won't wake the other baby. They tolerate all of Brody's love and attention and will occasionally smile at him. Brody likes to make sure to give them both hugs and kisses before he goes to bed each night. I have even caught him sneaking the baby monitor into his room to listen to them when he goes to sleep. If only he was big enough to feed them in the middle of the night.

Side note: trying to take pictures of two babies is HARD!


  1. AWWWW--God Bless them! Taking pictures of 2 is hard but it's easier when they don't move--wait until they are toddlers--LOL!! I have 21 month old twins and you are absolutely right--time FLIES with 2 "savor every moment" and take MILLIONS of pictures!

  2. They look absolutely perfect! Love that cute gingham chair and polka-dotted sheet too. ;) Good job mama!


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