Monday, June 10, 2013

Painted Tin Can Vases

Here's a simple project my son loved, made using recycled cans.

Step 1) first we cleaned our old soup cans and removed the labels.

Step 2) paint the cans with acrylic craft paint and let them dry.
You can use other paints like spray paint but Brody loves using acrylic paint plus I always have it on hand and it dries fast.
Step 3) drill two small holes in the sides for the ribbon.

Step 4) string ribbon through the holes and tie a not at each end.

Step 5) fill the vase with water and pick some fresh flowers to fill it.
You can hang the finished vase (filled with flowers) on a friends door knob, ring the door bell and run. It's a fun surprise to open the door to some pretty flowers. You can also hang them in the yard by hanging them on small shepherds hooks.

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  1. This would be an easy project to do with my kiddos.


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