Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Terrific Tuesdays: 75 Things To Do With Your Kids This Summer

Now that summer is here I thought I should (re)share my list of 75 things to do with your kids this summer. The list includes activities for kids of all ages and most everything is free. I also have the list available to print for you.
  1. Run through the sprinklers
  2. Have a picnic in the park
  3. Outdoor movie nights. If you don’t have a free movie night in your area, make your own.  
  4.  Make giant bubbles 
  5. Go on a hike 
  6.  Create your own treasure hunt
  7. Take a tour. We have a few fun free tours in SLC like Mrs. Fields Tour and Sweet's Candy Factory Tour.
  8. Play bigger or better in your neighborhood
  9. Have a side walk chalk contest. Recruit friends and neighbors to compete.
  10. Slip and slide
  11. Head to the library. Not only can you get some great books but they also have some fun activities and story time.
  12. Go fly a kite
  13. Tour the fire department
  14. Play with animals at your local pound. Some have programs where you can come and walk the dogs.
  15. Make your own play dough.
  16. Go camping (even if it's in the backyard)
  17. Build a float for the 4th of July. If you don't have a 4th of July parade near you make one with the kids on your street.
  18. Go roller skating or rollerblading
  19. Go for a bike ride
  20. Teach your kids the constellations
  21. Collect bugs
  22. Create your own play or puppet show
  23. Gather the kids on your street and play kick the can
  24. Have an eating contest
  25. Collect and press flowers
  26. Create your own garden
  27. Learn a dance
  28. Make a lemonade stand
  29. Tie Dye some t shirts
  30. Paint rocks
  31. Make ice cream in a bag
  32. Build a hut or tree house
  33. Go to the local farmer's market. Can you say samples?
  34. Make your own Popsicles
  35. Start a journal
  36. Write a pen pal
  37. Make a family tree
  38. Have a pillow fight
  39. Wake up early to watch the sunrise
  40. Go on a hike
  41. Have a bubblegum blowing contest
  42. Make your own paper bag puppets
  43. Change your voicemail recording...make it fun
  44. Start a kickball game
  45. Feed the ducks
  46. Have a toy sale. Encourage your kids to clean out their old toys and games. Let them sell what they don't need anymore.
  47. Play Chinese jump rope
  48. Do some face painting
  49. Make potato stamps
  50. Frost and decorate cookies
  51. Have a theme movie night
  52. Go on a train ride
  53. Teach your kids how to budget
  54. Visit a local farm
  55. Make paper Father's Day ties
  56. Go fishing
  57. Have a water party
  58. Take a walking tour of your town
  59. Attend free concerts in the park
  60. Play night games
  61. Create a neighborhood Olympics
  62. Do some tumbling
  63. Make and decorate paper mache masks
  64. Learn to skip rocks
  65. Make S'Mores
  66. Play tennis
  67. Build little boats to race down the gutter when it rains
  68. Head to the swimming pool
  69. Visit a splash park
  70. Have a car wash and earn a little money
  71. Go on a nature walk
  72. Cook in the dutch oven for dinner
  73. Have a craft day
  74. Visit the zoo
  75. Finger paint. Use pudding if your kids are small.
Print your list of 75 things to do with your kids this summer here.

If you would like to guest post in the Terrific Tuesdays series email me.  


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  2. wow! that's quite a list... if only it was summer here!!!


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