Friday, November 15, 2013

Give Thanks: Gratitude Journal

Cambria from Live to be Inspired

Hi everyone! This is Cambria from Live to be Inspired. Since November is the month that reminds us to give thanks and show more gratitude, today I thought I would show you how I finally was able to commit to keeping a gratitude journal.

Over the years I have unsuccessfully started many gratitude journals. I've tried typing them up on my computer, I've tried just a three-ring cheap notebook, I've tried a nice leather bound lined notebook, etc. I thought I had tried it all.

Then, one day this last summer I was at Target and I saw this really cute day planner. I loved the gold. I loved the design of it, and I loved the price point! (Under $20!)

Funny quirk about me though, I don't keep a day planner. Well, not a typical one. I keep all my "To Dos" running around in my head or on a calendar on my computer. So, I had to think quick for a reason as to why this super cute planner should make it in my shopping cart. Then it hit me, it would make an awesome gratitude journal. I started using it that night and now 4 months later, I can say that I have consistently kept gratitude journal for the first time ever! (And, yes. I consider 4 months consistent for this busy mom!)

I love the design of the journal/day planner and that it looks pretty sitting on my desk.  

I love that the days are already there for me and that there is plenty of room in each box to write 3-5 things that I'm grateful for each night. That way I know what days I've missed and can go back (I'm not perfect!) and I can also look back and remember exactly what dates certain things happened. 

I also really like that there is a month-at-a-glance section where I can write down birthday's, important events I am grateful for, etc. 

...and I am a HUGE fan of the notes section. (As you can see, this is Decembers section. So no notes quite yet.) As part of my focus on being more grateful I have been trying to also spend more time each week reading favorite talks and articles, looking up quotes on gratitude, etc. Basically just trying to be more mindful of all that I have. Any quotes or important things that I want to remember, I jot down in the notes section of the journal. That way on days that I'm stuck or just not feeling very grateful I can look back at past gratitude lists or these notes. Always, without fail, once I get reading I am able to shift my mood around and get over my "woo is me" attitude. :)

So, there you have it. My gratitude journal in a nutshell. I think my favorite part about having everything written down is that I can go back and have a visual reminder of all that I have, which really is A LOT...even though I sometimes tend to forget that! For some reason, having it all written down and in one place seems to make it that much more real and memorable though.

How about all of you? How do you keep a gratitude journal? 

Looking for motivation to get started with one? Try reading this awesome article about the importance of showing gratitude! 

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