Saturday, December 21, 2013

Twins: 10 Months

Another month has flown by! Sadie and Sammy are now 10 months old!

Sammy had another tooth grow in. Sadie has two more teeth pushing through which hasn't helped her sleeping. Sammy would sleep in until 8:00 every morning if Sadie didn't wake up so early. Sadie doesn't actually wake her up, I do so we can keep them on the same schedule.

Sammy has figured out how to climb on our fireplace so she doesn't climb over Sadie as much as she use to. The girls love taking toys and binkies away from each other. It's kind of entertaining to watch. Usually one of them will eventually grab the toy and crawl away, ending the fight. They love being by each other and are usually found playing side by side or standing together at the couch.

Sadie doesn't army crawl anymore. She has become a very fast crawler. Sammy has taken a few steps holding on to the couch and tries to stand without holding on. 

Both girls will eat just about anything. They love trying new foods. If they see us eating, they crawl over to us and sit and whine at our feet like little dogs begging for food. They do this even after they have just ate a big meal.

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