Friday, December 20, 2013

Sprout Holiday MOMents

The holidays can be overwhelming sometimes, especially as a mother. You moms know what I am talking about. The holiday shopping, parties, the crowds, the sugar highs, tantrums, etc. The holidays can be a crazy time, but they're also a really special time where we're building lasting memories.
Sprout recently launched a holiday campaign, Sprout Holiday MOMents to highlight these moments or as Sprout calls them, MOMents. Sprout wants to help us cherish these times a little more.

Sprout has created some great holiday MOMent picture frames for you. They are free and only take a minute to upload and create your own. check them out. They are really cute!
Here is a peek at a few of them.

I made this one of Brody.

My days get crazy with driving to and from school, feeding kids, raising twins, Christmas shopping, the holiday parties and events not to mention the day to day things I need to run a household. So when I see my kids asleep in their beds at the end of a long day, I always have to stop and smile at their sweetness. It always makes me grateful for the time we spent together that day. This is an old picture of Brody but I still remember peeking in on him as if it were last night.

Brody keeps trying to re-decorate our Christmas tree and it drives me nuts. Of course I want everything in the perfect spot and we can't hang ornaments too low or Sammy and Sadie will get them so I keep getting frustrated. But it's these kind of "MOMents" that I will loo back and laugh at. Or maybe all the times I find Brody sneaking into the frosting I have set aside for decorating cookies and I find it smeared all over his face and fingers.

What are some of your holiday MOMents?

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  1. Your picture of Brady sleeping is so precious! I also love the quiet end of a reminds you how easy it is to love them! Merry Christmas!


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