Friday, December 13, 2013

Twins Frequently Aske Questions

As the mom of twins I get asked a lot of questions. Here are some of the questions I get asked frequently and the answers.

I am going to start with the number one question I get asked, are they twins?
This question always makes me laugh, especially if they are wearing matching outfits.

Are they identical or fraternal twins
They are fraternal although we have not done any genetic testing. Most people tend to think they are identical because they look so much alike.

Which one is the fussy one?
Neither one. They are both pretty good and because they are really scheduled if they do get fussy I have a good guess why.

Do you get any sleep? 
Yes, although the teething messed up their sleeping schedule slightly. I am a big believer in sleep training! Overall though, Sammy is a better sleeper and would sleep until 8:00 but Sadie likes to wake me up closer to 7:00 am.

Can you tell them apart?
Yes I can but it is still fastest to check their bracelets. Travis thinks he would have a tough time telling them apart if we took their bracelets off.

Do you always dress them alike?
Nope. I have some outfits that are matching and some that aren't.

How do you feed them?
When it comes to bottle feeding I like to feed them one at a time. If they aren't crying it is easier on me plus I get a little one on one time that way. If they are crying then I hold them both on my lap and feed them at the same time.
Feeding them food I just use one bowl or baby food jar and one spoon. Much easier this way. But now that they are liking finger foods feeding time is way easier even if it is messier.


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