Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Autumn Pinecone-Twig Mouse

Natashia from The Mumsy Blog

Hi there! My name is Natashia and I am coming to you from to share this fun festive and simply adorable craft with you. Over at TheMumsyBlog we love to share holiday ideas, especially the ones that save you moolah and are fun! So today I am sharing how to make an Autumn Pinecone-Twig Mouse.  Stick this little guy on your mantle or on your Thanksgiving table. He is sure to delight and bring smiles.

What you need (to make 1 mouse):

- pinecone

- thin sticks or twigs

- hot glue gun and glue sticks

- thin cardboard or burlap paper (as pictured available at Joanns )

- Brown felt

- scissors

- beads, buttons, or acorns for the eyes

- hand trimmer (optional)

- ruler (optional)

How to make it:

1. Using your cardboard or burlap paper cut a circle to create the nose of the mouse.  I made mine around four inches but you may need to adjust yours according to the size of the pinecone. The size needs to be able to be about the size of the larger end of your pinecone.

2. Cut a line from the edge to the center as pictured.

3. Shape the cone by sliding the edge over the top of the other edge. Continue sliding until the circle has taken a cone shape.

4. Secure the cone with some hot glue.

5. Gather your small twigs and trim them to be slightly longer than the radius of your cone.  I varied my lengths slightly for a more natural look in opposed to all the twigs being the exact same length.

 6. Start gluing the twigs around the cone.

7. Glue on whatever materials you chose for the eyes. I used large black beads.

8. Trim the twigs if needed.

9. Cut the four feet shapes out of felt in preparation for step 10 . I made them with three little bumps for the toes but you could change them or just cut circles.

10. Glue the feet on one side of the pinecone which will become the body of the Pinecone mouse.

11. Cut out the ears from the felt creating two small tear shaped pieces.

12. Glue the ears on the head of the mouse on the edge of the cone. Pinch the bottom towards the head and add glue for a folded effect as pictured.

13. Glue the head onto the more larger and flat part of the pinecone. Be sure to align the top of the head opposite of the feet.

14. Use one last twig for the tail.

And there you have it! I know there seems like a lot of supplies but this craft literally took me 15 minutes.  Isn't the mouse so cute?! I thought the natural woodland feel was super fun for this fall season. And you can dress it up for Christmas too. Add a plaid ribbon around his neck and he can stay for all the holidays. Yippee! Thanks for crafting with me and if you'd like to see more festive crafts or just stop by for fun you can see more at Have an awesome holiday season.

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