Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Thanksgiving Turkey Banner

Thanksgiving decorations do not need to be difficult or expensive to make.This super Thanksgiving Turkey Banner is such a cute addition your holiday decor. Plus this is a no-sew project. While I like to sew, sometimes the no-sew projects are kind of the best. Especially during the holidays.

The list of things you need is easy to find and really inexpensive. You will need:

 paint chip cards
hot glue

Gather up some paint chip cards in turkey colors.

Cut an inch off the top of the brown cards.

Cut the color cards into thirds. The colors I chose for the tail were turquoise, red, yellow, and orange.

Gather the tail strips into a fan.

Run hot glue in a line on the back of the brown card. Press the fanned out tail cards onto the glue.

Cut out triangles for the beak.

Glue them on.

Choose a coordinating yarn.

Place the yarn over the back of the card and then run a line of glue directly over the yarn. When the glue dries the turkey will be attached to the yarn. Repeat until all the turkeys are glued to the yarn.

Once the glue dries, your turkey banner is ready to hang.

Seriously, how stinking cute are these turkeys?!!

I love the fun colors and I am kind of loving how they will look next to a super cute and festive kids table.

Happy Thanksgiving. Here is to fun, festive, and affordable Thanksgiving decorations.

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