Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Free Printables Set for a Fun and Organized Thanksgiving

By Dana

Thanksgiving day is just around the corner. Everyone is looking forward to seeing their loved ones from near and far, and spend time together. If you’re hosting a Thanksgiving dinner, you’ve probably already started the preparations. But if you haven’t, there is no need to worry. There is still enough time to set everything right for the big feast. We’ve prepared some helpful tips and free Thanksgiving printables that will surely make your family’s celebration run smoothly this year. 

Thanksgiving is a food-focused holiday and planning out the menu is very important. Since even the main cook should get to enjoy a stress-free Thanksgiving, preparing some of the food in advance is always a good idea. Frozen desserts and side dishes are especially easy to make before the big day, so you can sit back carefree, eat the delicious food and enjoy your company.

Decorating the house prior to Thanksgiving day will also help you have a relaxed holiday. These printable labels will help you put some finishing touches to your festivities. For example, you can use them to make a welcoming Thanksgiving banner and hang it at the entrance. Just print the stickers, cut them out and attach them to a thin rope in front of your house. Make sure you write appropriate text on the stickers, wishing everyone a happy Thanksgiving.

You can also decorate the table with these multipurpose stickers. Use them to mark which guest is sitting where, to label the food or make an interactive Thanksgiving craft where each guest will write a blessing or thankful note on a sticker and apply it to a board you previously prepared for that purpose. 

Print some extra stickers for Thanksgiving, so if kids get bored before dinner, you can let them make festive creations to keep them entertained until turkey time.

Since Thanksgiving dinner is always a gourmet feast, leftovers are inevitable. Re-packaging Thanksgiving goodies in food boxes and using colorful stickers with nice notes to decorate them can be a great ending to a great holiday. Everyone loves tasty Thanksgiving leftovers. This special gesture to send part of the delicious feast home with your guests will surely impress them.

Happy Thanksgiving and enjoy the holiday!

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