Friday, November 6, 2015

Seven Years Old

Today my Brody boy is 7 years old!
Could it really have been seven years ago that I held my baby in my arms for the first time? Time with kids flies by I tell ya.

Brody loves playing outside, swimming, riding bikes and driving his Power Wheels truck.

He loves spending time with cousins and friends.

Brody can be such a sweet boy but he really likes to test his mom's limits.

He loves his glasses but hates when he has to do his patching for Amblyopia

He always wants to wear his rain boots, even if it isn't raining.

He loves playing with his sisters but is also quick to tease them.

He can go all the way across the monkey bars at school.

Brody loves sweets and is always asking me if he can have a spoonful of frosting.

His favorite things to wear are still pajamas and basketball shorts.

Doing homework and daily reading is like pulling teeth.

Brody is so anxious to lose his first tooth and is upset that they aren't even loose yet.

He is is mom's little buddy and always wants to help me with whatever project I am working on.

Cars are still an obsession for him.

He has a fear of bears.

His favorite animals are giraffes.

He loves going to our cabin and riding motorcycles.

He doesn't like hugs but will occasionally still snuggle me.

Brody is constantly asking for quarters to buy pencils, erasers and notebooks from the school vending machine.

He has come home from school with a girls phone number more times than I can remember.

I love this stubborn, wild, shy boy!

Happy birthday Brody Chopper!

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