Monday, January 18, 2016

Easy Meal Planning with Kids

In an effort to have Brody help me with dinner and actually be excited about it I am recruiting his help in planning the meals. For a picky eater having a say in the family dinner plan makes him happy. I know I would have loved helping my mom plan meals as a kid, if only to avoid the foods I didn't like.

First we pulled out our cook books. I made sure to incorporate some of our kid friendly ones too. Even Sadie and Sammy wanted to look through them.

 Then we talk about some our favorite meals or new foods we want to try. We also talked about what things we would need to make them. Brody loves to help me cook and the girls are wanting to help as well (even if it is just stirring something in a bowl) so we also talked about how we would make the dinners.

Then we wrote down our plan. We decided to just plan the main course and only started with Monday through Friday since we are pretty low key on the weekends.

We used this awesome personalized chalkboard that Personal Creations sent us. Our name isn't just painted on, it is engraved, pretty cool if you ask me.

I love that Brody looks at this time as fun time spent with mom but he is also learning some good life skills!

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