Monday, February 29, 2016

Sadie and Sammy

And just like that my babies are three years old! And they started preschool today! Where does the time go?

Because of Sadie and Sammy's speech delay, our school district placed them in an early 3 preschool class where they can get the speech therapy they need. Today was the first day. 
Dealing with the girls speech problems has been tiring to say the least. Lots and lots of testing, therapy sessions, working with the girls, etc but the hardest part of all of it has been the frustrations and tantrums because we just have not been able to understand them and what they are trying to say to us. The terrible twos are hard enough without having twins but imagine having the terrible twos with twins who are frustrated because their mom and dad can't understand them. Let's just say I pray for patience on a daily basis. Ha!

The girls were really excited to start preschool and we are really excited for them to get more help with their speech! Oh and an extra hour to myself twice a week.

Om a side note, trying to take a picture without at least one of these girls giving a thumbs up is hard.

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