Monday, June 9, 2008

I Want

I found the stroller I want.
I don't know if its good, bad, cheap, expensive,etc. All I know is its cute and I want it. Don't you just love the matching diaper bag? I do!
Tiny problem, I cant find them in the US.


  1. DeeDee my mom is going to europe on sunday and she could get you one. I think they are the cutest things ever!

  2. SO Cute, i want one in blue! we could totally be twinsies.

    PS are you gonna move to Germany with me?

  3. Very cute! I can't wait until Thursday. It is honestly the excitement of my week. I just needed to tell you that you have constantly been on my mind...

  4. it is very cute- but make sure you get a really good stroller- you wont be sorry spending the money on a good one!!


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