Monday, January 26, 2009

Baby Must Haves

If your baby has diaper rash make sure to pick up some Butt Paste. Butt Paste is a fast acting diaper rash ointment. Unlike other ointments out there, Butt Paste wipes off easily. Get a free sample here.

Mustela cradle cap shampoo is a must for any baby with cradle cap. It is super easy to use and works very quickly! I like that it is a foam so it wont run into your baby's eyes.


  1. have you ever tried grype drops for hiccups? i've had people swear by them

  2. You also need to add Boogie Wipes to your list. They're the best for cleaning up those little noses when they catch a cold.

  3. Boudreaux's butt paste is made in Louisiana, my native state I remember when it fist became big and Oprah had the maker on her show, was big news lol

    Also wanted to say I received my notebooks! Thank you so much!!


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