Thursday, September 17, 2009


Fred Flare has some super cute coats right now!
I am really wanting a new coat that's not black wool, I have too many of those.

Double- face scallop coat.
I love the scallop and button detailing.

Pleated houndstooth Victoria coat.
Can't go wrong with houndstooth.

Belted rhythm nation coat.
I love everything about this coat plus I am loving teal right now.


  1. I LOVE the houndstooth one! I think you should definitely get that one!!

  2. the green on is my fav. I lvoe that color and have been looking for a half P-coat in green. I have a red one and love it. Now I need it in green.

  3. We have such eerily similar taste!!! I love each coat you've chosen! No wonder we were chosen as LPE partners :O) ha ha.

  4. no you can NOT go wrong with houndstooth - i must have that coat! you're killing me! visiting from SITS and new follower

  5. I L-O-V-E the black and white houndstooth!!! I must have it!

  6. One thing I do love about the wintertime are the coats! You have some cute ones picked out :)

  7. i LOVE me so coats... i think i should get a new one each year ;) i am excited to break out my red one!!


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