Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Colored Tights

I am loving the look of colored tights right now!

My favorite colored tights are purple


and red
What's your favorite color of tights?
Would you wear them?


  1. I agree I loved colored tights. I too like the purple ones with a nice black skirt.

  2. i have purple, pink, navy and brown. I also love textured tights

  3. I wear navy and charcoal...not very exciting. I would totally wear the funkier colors if I weren't prego and if i had some steller legs...

  4. i LOVE tights!!! i would wear them :D i need to just get me some.

  5. My sister wears tights to work a lot. She has to wear skirts and dresses for work and she pairs them with tights because it's COLD in Chicago.

  6. Teal and goldenrod are my favorites (naturally). But I've yet to have the guts to wear them. I have my eyes on a $13 teal pair at Bloomingdale's that I plan on wearing with a new black dress on an upcoming date with my husband. I'll let you know how it goes :O)


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