Monday, February 22, 2010


OLDgOLD BOTIQUE is a new to me shop that I am loving!
I especially love their jewelry line. It's so unique and I love their attention to detail.

OLDgOLD goods are handpicked from independent designers around the world. They carry both men and women's clothing and accessories.

Make sure to check out their online shop.

Here are some of my favorite pieces of OLDgOLD jewelry.

1) Aviator
2) Circo de Bango
3) Reel to reel
4) Jeeraffe
5) Tricycle
6) Aviator shades earrings

I found the OLDgOLD BOUTIQUE via


  1. Love the tricycle necklace!

  2. The bike necklace is so wonderful!
    Great blog, I just found it via Unruly Things.



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