Friday, June 11, 2010

Swimsuits for Kids

Do your kids have their swimsuit for summer yet?
No, then check out these cute swimsuits for both boys and girls.

1) Skirted floral
2) Yellow and white stripe
3) Stripe bikini

1) Ruffle one piece
2) Ruffle bikini
3) Star bikini
4) Breezy dot bikini
5) Shoulder ruffle
6) Polka dot bikini

1) Blue and white polka dot
2) Ruffled tankini
3) Polka dot ruffle swimsuit
4) Embroidered bikini

1) Gingham trunks
2) Shark swimsuit
3) Pineapple shorts
4) Navy and green stripe
5) Navy and white stripes
6) Color block swim shorts

Why do stores always carry more swimsuits for girls than boys?


  1. Deeds - we definitely have similar taste in little girl suits. I noticed you added Leah's little blue polka dot suit and Ella has that black and white floral. I also tried to order the shoulder ruffle a while ago, but they were sold out!

  2. Sadly, stores carry more girl everything than boy stuff.
    my guy has the navy & green stripe! So cute!

  3. I love the girls blue nad red ones. My fav!!

  4. Ruby has the yellow and white striped one and looks so cute in it.

  5. I have the first swimsuit pictured in the red white and blue category-Kara got it for her birthday. It is just darling!

  6. awesome picks! i own two of the girly ones you featured!

    target = empty wallet for me :)

  7. ethan has the black and red one with the sharks on it - so cute.


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