Thursday, September 9, 2010

Cardigan Sweaters

Are you a fan of cardigans? I am.
Here are some of my favorite cardigans floating around right now.

1) Boucle cardigan
2) Stretching springs cardigan

1) Cotton candy clouds cardi
2) Kassandra crochet cardigan

1) Whirl & wind cardigan
2) Crochet trim cardigan

1) Barbados beauty cardigan
2) Oleander cardigan

1) Argyle cardigan
2) Ruffle trim open cardigan

1) Solid button front cardigan
2) Strip v neck cardigan


  1. Oh yes, these are lovely! I'm a cardigan addict myself. They're perfect for layering and always sweet!

  2. I love the yellow one with the flower SO cute.

  3. I love cardigans! Great choices...Now i want to go shopping!:)

  4. I too am a cardigan is such a great way to wear my tank tops year round. Now I must head to Old Navy NOW and get me some of those cute ones:-)

  5. The cotton candy clouds is my fav! I'm going by Anthropologie today after work I will look out for it.

  6. I'm so happy that cardigan season has come again! That crochet cap sleeve one is adorable (and I was really pleased when I followed the link and found out it was from Delia's and not somewhere with outrageous prices!)

  7. totally bananas over the gray crochet trim cardigan! thanks so much for the b-day wishes. hope you have a fabulous weekend. cheers ~ elizabeth


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