Monday, July 18, 2011

Super Hero Party

I'm sure many of you aren't strangers to the genius of Brittany and Sara of One Charming Party but just in case I want to share one of my favorite of their parties with you. The super hero party!

I even had the chance to use the super hero party package at a recent event. It was a hit!
I was really impressed with everything in the package. It came with invitations, cake toppers, food labels, game ideas, tutorials, super hero training activities, and more.

I can't wait to try out more of their fun party packages. 
Some of my other favorite parties include; the art gallery party, the baking party and the bubble party.

What is your favorite party theme?


  1. such a classic boys birthday theme, love this.

  2. This makes me wish I had a boy to have this party! So cute. It would be great to do cupcakes with fondant "pow" and "wham" signs in them.


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