Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Spring Fling: Spring Fashion Trends

Hi there! I'm Jenni and I write a fashion blog called Found in My Closet.  I'm so excited to be contributing to Dianna's Spring Fling event!  

With spring right around the corner there are so many new and continuing trends to pick from.  I'm always on the lookout for the season's latest and greatest items from all different places and thought I'd share a few items with you that I have either already added to my closet, or have my eye on for future consideration:

1. Colored Denim

Unless you've been hiding under a rock, you know that this fun trend is carrying over from last year.  This spring, however, the new twist is that jeans are now coming in brighter, more fun colors than ever before!  I have personally jumped on the band wagon in a big way and have added a few more  pairs of colored jeans to my closet:

Jeggings in Pink from American Eagle

I have these and love them!  I sized up one size in these because I felt they ran a little small.
AG Legging Ankle Jeans in Sulfur Sun from Piperlime (can also be found at Anthropologie)
AG jeans are my all-time favorite so I have nothing but great things to say about these.  LOVE!!!

2. Stripes

I love stripes so I'm totally on board with this trend.  I haven't met too many stripes I don't love!

I love the sideways stripes on the top half and the horizontal stripes on the bottom.  It adds a little visual interest.  I plan on belting this cute top.

Cinch & Flow Maxi Chemise from Anthropologie
Some of my favorite type of stripes are Chevron stripes. I think I need more in my life. =)

3. Florals

Florals are huge this spring.  They come in every color, print and size.  I don't have a ton of floral in my closet so I'm looking to add a little more somehow this season.

Revolved Blooms Blouse from Anthropologie
Love the small floral print of this top and how the lace down the sleeves sets it apart from other floral tops.  So cute!

Cotton Cardigan in Overbloom Floral from J Crew

I really love the bold print of this cute definitely makes a statement!

4. Bold Wedge Sandals

I have a serious obsession with shoes.  Wedge sandals happen to be some of my favorite types of shoe.  I'm loving that bold colors on the feet are in this year...the more colorful the hue the better!

Steve Madden Veta Wedge Sandal from DSW

I happen to own these and adore the color.  It can be paired with so many things...cropped pants, maxi dresses, skirts...anything!

This color has caught my eye this's so fun!  It's another color that could mix and match with so many others. Seychelles happens to be one of my favorite brand of shoes so this one may find a spot in my closet eventually.  

5. The Statement Necklace

Jewelry is the cheapest way to spice up an outfit.  It can totally transform the look of an outfit.  Statement necklaces happen to be my very favorite piece of jewelry to buy and wear...there is just something about a beautiful eye-catching necklace that I can't resist!

Hollowed Harmonics Necklace from Anthropologie

This is bold, bright and so much fun!  Love this can be paired with so much!

Tarn Necklace from Anthropologie

I adore this necklace so much. With all the colors this necklace has to offer you have options galore when pairing this pretty little gem with items in your closet.  This one will be finding it's way to my collection sooner than later.

Bahari Necklace from Stella & Dot
This necklace just looks so luxe and beautiful in the product shot.  Love it!

So what trends are you jumping on this season?  Anything you would absolutely NEVER try?  Anything you've tried and either loved or hated?  DO share!

Thanks for reading!

Happy Spring to you!!!


  1. I think only a very small percentage of the population should wear jeggings! I think you must be under 30 and be size 6 or less! Otherwise you look like an ice cream cone.


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