Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Spring Fling: Target Pillowcase Skirt Tutorial

target, pillowcase,skirt,spring
Hello My name is Angelina and you can find me blogging over at JoJo and Eloise. Spring is just around the corner and It always puts me in the mood to sew things Light, Fresh and Fun!
With children on Spring Break, Family Vacationing and just simply being on the go we all need something that is going to be quick and easy to put together.
So I thought I would share with you, how you can put those extra pillowcases to use. You know the one's that are piling up in your linen closet, that you will probably never use. Or maybe even those Cute one's you come across at the store and pass up because they don't match any of your bedding at home.
Well, pass them up no longer!!
Because today you are
going to learn how to make something with all those pretty yards of Sheet and Pillowcase fabrics.
target pillowcase skirt,spring,aqua,blue
For this skirt I used a King size pillow case set that I bought at Target. You could use a Twin, Full, or Queen.
Your going to want to trim off the side seems and the Hemmed opening of the Pillowcase
( using that later for the waistband )
target pillowcase skirt, spring, girls
You will have one LONG strip of fabric, once everything is trimmed. Place the right sides of your fabric together and sew along the seem. Finish your edge with a Serged or Zig Zag stitch. Finish the bottom of your skirt with the same and hem. For the top of your skirt you can use a Ruffle Foot or the LONGEST stitch length on your sewing machine to gather the top of your skirt.
( if using the LONGEST length stitch on your machine, you will want to pull on the bottom bobbin thread and gather as you pull. Being careful not to pull the whole bobbin thread out )
target spring skirt,aqua,blue
For the waistband, you will be using the hemmed edge of the pillow case. Trim off the seems, you will be left with 2 pieces. Take those 2 pieces and put right sides together and sew.
target pillowcase skirt
Press your waistband in half and then press the edges over. ( turn over until you have the desired width of your waistband )
target pillowcase, skirt,spring
Fold one end of your waistband and press. Then slip the other end inside and pin in place.
target pillowcase skirt, spring,summer
Take the Top edge of your skirt and pin inside the bottom of your waistband and top stitch.
Target, Pillowcase, Skirt, Spring
Remove the pin and run your elastic through your opening.
Target,spring,pillowcase skirt
Sew your elastic together and top stitch your opening closed.
target pillowcase
And, there you have it folks. Your very own Pillowcase skirt. Isn't it ADORABLE!! Just think of the endless possibilities you have with all those beautiful pillowcases you have.
Target,pillowcase,skirt,teal, aqua, blue, spring
This bottom Skirt is made from a Sheet Set that I bought at Target as well. I made a whole dress using a Twin size and I still have loads of fabric left over. The Jacket is made out of a coordinating sheet set.
You can see that project here.
Spring has never looked so Lovely! wouldn't you agree?
target,pillowcase skirt,spring


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