Thursday, November 7, 2013

5 Years Old

Brody turned 5 years old yesterday!

A few things about Brody right now

-Brody says he is saving up for a car for when he turns 16
-He loves preschool
-He can say the Pledge of Allegiance
-Brody is always singing his favorite songs (Pumped Up Kicks, Love You Like a Love Song)
-He is a back seat driver and tries to tell me how to drive
-42 inches tall
-He is a really good big brother and is always helping with the girls
-You can always find him wearing shorts
-He isn't going to ever ever ever go on Tower of Terror again, well maybe when he is 18
-Cars are still his favorite toys
-He is the pickiest eater and won't even eat bread
-Brody is always doing cartwheels and has gotten pretty good at doing them

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