Monday, November 11, 2013

Give Thanks: Pumpkin Topiary

Kelli & Kristi of Lolly Jane

Hi friends of DeeDee! We are twin sisters Kelli & Kristi of Lolly Jane and we are thrilled to be taking part in Dianna's fun Give Thanks series. We lovely love fall and decorate to the nine for it. Because it's still bloody hot in Arizona during the rest of the country's prettiest time of year (like, our leaves go from green to falling off, there's not much changing colors around here! lol) we decorate the INSIDE of our homes in fall decor... and maybe light some pumpkin scented candles to help urge the weather to cool down. ;) Today we're sharing an easy makeover to get you in the fall spirit, too, our liquid gilding pumpkin topiary: I love how they turned out and would you believe us if we told you that these pumpkins were purchased from the dollar store?! I know! These are so easy to make, you’ll be surprised at how little work is required. I bought 3 pumpkins at Dollar Tree since I knew I wanted to recycle the vase from my candy corn tree craft a couple years ago. I wanted to use both my silver and gold liquid gilding so I decided to alternate the colors for the pumpkin topiary and sandwich silver in the middle. These turned out so cute; they’re pretty enough on their own. However, I wanted to add one more layer to tie them together and match the vase so I dug through my Martha loot and found these cute adhesive stencils. Perfect! They stuck so well to the pumpkins (I did allow them to dry overnight, for the record) and they didn’t peel off any of the gilding at all. After the stencil was dry, I drilled a hole into the bottoms of the pumpkins and through 2 of them stems (one will be on top so don’t drill through all 3 completely!) then slid a dowel through them all ($.55 at Home Depot). Definitely beginner level project! Note: the gilding requires nail polish remover to clean the brushes and stains your hands so wear latex gloves to avoid a mess. I love the result for this quick and easy transformation and I especially love how clean and simple my fall display is: I have more to add but this table in my entryway is all about fall and looks so chic now. I just adore it! Can’t you just see this on your fall tablescape or fall mantel? I am pretty much wanting to put these all over my house (; And why not? So inexpensive! You could use these for your Halloween decor as well, depending what colors you decorate with. For more of our fall tutorials and to see the whole mantel display, mozy over to LJ. We'd love to chat with you on FB or Instagram or see what lovely fall projects you're pinning on Pinterest. :) Thanks for having us, Dianna! xo Logo


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