Monday, November 3, 2014

Fall Bucket List

This turkey fall bucket  list is a fun project to put together with your kids. Brody is already having fun with ours! Every day we draw a wooden turkey feather that tells us what fun fall activity we get to do that day. Some days we draw more than one.

To make yours you will need a clean, empty tin can, then simply cut out a turkey beak and gobbler out of colored paper. I used Glue Dots to attach mine and of course don't forget the googly eyes.

We used wooden tongue depressors for the turkey feathers and wrote down our favorite fall activities. Then we filled our turkey can with uncooked rice and stuck our turkey feather in the rice so they would stay.

Now each day we get to draw out a fun fall activity to do together.

Here are some ideas to include on your turkey feathers.

Play in the leaves
Bake fall treats
Go for a walk
Make a paper leaf mobile
Have a Pajamas and breakfast play date
Make hot chocolate
Bake cornbread
Go on a hay ride
Cook homemade soup
Paint pine cones
Make a Mayflower boat
Write down things you are grateful for with this free printable
Sometimes in Utah we have snow so we had to include play in the snow.

What is on your fall to do list?

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